Smart Meter Defender


The idea of the Defender originated because of an immediate need to notify family and friends of  the dangers of smart meter microwave radiation. The solution is simple enough that the radiation from a smart meter can be almost completely done away with by covering the glass part of the meter with aluminum screen wire.

There are other websites with the wire caps for smart meters for sale. They’re expensive!

I have other sites that I maintain and until I get around to following up on this, I’ll make this website idea available to someone else who may be interested in in the “Defender” idea:

This domain,, is for sale but it comes with a package deal. Four more domain names are in the domain name package and they are:


All five domain names have been forwarded to this page–check it out.

All five domain names are on sale for $200.00 ($40.00 each but must buy all). Price is good through June 15th, 2014.

Contact me by going to the “Contact” page.

Freeman Shepherd

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