The matrix of our lives is, was, and will continue to be changed by accepting or rejecting truth. There is a great need to dump all the deceptions we’ve all been seduced by and reload our minds with truth – truth that has always stood the test of time, truth that is life changing and truth that will endure forever. There are those searching for truth. Can you help? Will you help?

Here’s an offer that’s available at this time:

This offer has temporarily ended.

This site is offered free of charge to those who would like to share their thoughts, testimonies and/or sermons. You can have your website here and I’ll help you get started. Later, after you get experience in this sort of thing, you can strike out on your own. Of course, you can go to WordPress.org and do the very same thing but if you’re new at this and could use some help at sharing what the Lord has led you to put on the Internet, contact me and we’ll go from there.

For an example of this offer visit Paradigm Control. It is a website but it is within the MLMRELOAD.com website/domain and can be reached by typing in “www.paradigmcontrol.com” into your web browser.

The first step could be to purchase a domain name at GoDaddy. (Ask if you need help.) The reason I suggest obtaining a domain name is so that in making references to your website’s address, it would be simpler to say that your site is “www.example.com” instead of “www.mlmreload.com/example”. But, a domain name doesn’t necessarily have to be obtained – a folder or sub-domain name will do the job.

That’s enough for now but if you would like to have a few more details, visit the Offer Details page. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Freeman Shepherd